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Where have we been hiding?

OK. So we haven't updated the website since last August leading to the past few months batches of "are you still going" e-mails. Thanks for all your support and even concern on some parts. So to make an effort we bring you this new swished up Intromit site. Hope you like it. We have a lot of plans for it, so we'll let you know in this section when things are added etc.

As the last news stated we have been off working on some new projects. The big one VIRTUVILLE.COM we optmistically thought would take a year to complete, we were wrong and it will take er.... longer. But at least we can start placing some ad's up now. Bear with us, it's getting there and it's fantastic (OK, bias I know). Besides, we do have real lives to live and it's much more fun being really wasted than virtually wasted.

The second project MP3KILLEDTHEVIDEOSTAR.CO.UK is very nearly ready. This isn't too far off completion and should hopefully be live over the coming months. Again, we'll give you updates in this news section.

Here come The Lanternjack

With perfect timing a demo dropped on our doormat we played it then went straight out for large brandies. The Lanternjack, uber-rockers and general upstarts have now joined the Intromit line-up. This band rock. Simple. The soundtrack to all the sleaziest parties in their home town of Detroit, we now give you the opportunity to lower all your moral values, take the rods out of your arses and party till you lose your eyesight.

Fronted by the prowling, incendiary figure of Johnny Flash, The Lanternjack gigs are not without commotion and legendary rock n roll incidents. We bring you "Hussy" (their second album) and all the filth that goes with it. Hope you enjoy it.

They'll be over to play some gigs soon, we'll keep you informed as of when. There are other new bands in the pipeline as well, so watch out for updates.

So what's happened to the first generation Intromit artists?

Well they've moved onwards and upwards. Why? Because it was right for them to do so. We started the label with the intention of working closely with our bands to aid them in the direction they wanted to go. Everybody involved had a ball on a super swift learning curve. We send them off with our biggest kisses and a big magnet that attracts good fortune. Now the new projects are falling into place it gives us our time back to start working with some new bands.

We've still been receiving an improportionate amount of demo's here for a label that hasn't put a record out for a year and it's all been pretty good stuff. We've tried to respond to all of them but there has been periods when we simply haven't had the time. Rude? perhaps, but there are only so many hours in the day, so apologies for any non responses.


Hands up everyone who thinks they are not a statistic.