NEWS -14

It's getting closer all the time.
"I'm the best, Fats. The best you've ever seen and even if you beat me, I'm still the best."
Fast Eddie Felson

To say we can be cocksure about things is an understatement. But what have we ever had to lose? Another temp contract for another unlivable wage? Music has always been the catalyst for social change as it speaks for a generation, and now the new generation is here. Blessed with the nihilistic values that characterised Teds, Mods, Punks and Ravers, add a "broad picture" social conscience without the pretentious and moronic PC ramblings of yesteryear and combine the feel of a generation pushed too far. We're armed to the teeth with self-aquired technological education's and the gift of imagination. This is the future rising.

Fast and free media giving both sides of the story, convey messages and bind like-minds from all four corners of the globe, instantly. This is not a counterculture. We have not tuned in, turned on and dropped out. It is impossible to drop out of what we were never "in" in the first place. Surely if your "in" you feel some benefits.

This is no Bromley Contingent/ CBGB's crowd. This is the world. This is not a backlash. This is a new start.

We are not your generation PepsiCo. We are not your advertising billboards, Nike. We are not figments of your imagination. We are not a fringe. How cheap do you want your suppliers to get, Walmart? Will your prices soon be so low you'll be giving us money to take goods out of the shop. What a press release! "For every loaf of bread you need, we chop out an Indonesian child workers kidney, sell it to the Bush family medical transplant wholesalers and YOU pocket the difference (minus our ahem! small profit, obviously). That's ASDA price!". We would like wages, not a McWage, in all industries, on a permanent contract. And our time is not 24/7 yours, Starbucks. We no longer have hopes of you creating these jobs for us. But don't worry you're pretty little heads about it, as we are sure you're not losing sleep over these facts, we are going to create our own.

A new generation. Right now we're running wild. Each day they run their agreed distance (cutting jobs if they fall short). Each day we run as far as we can go. We have our communities, local, national and international. Each day these communities get stronger and more organised.

In nine months time we launch our new project. Soundtracked by more of the most exciting, ground breaking new artists. Time will reveal the project to you. In the meantime, we will be bringing you more music. And we have some gems, lined up. Artists whose work will stand the test of time. Artists whose lives are biographies in progress. Artists who make you want to drink, dance, fuck and smoke (in no particular order, and in unequal measures).

We are Intromit and we have the buzz back. You have been warned.