Intromit Recordings was officially launched in October 1999 after several years of on and off planning. It came about through a mix of determination and desperation at the realisation that Nottingham was a musical blank canvas and the powers in place to forward it appeared quite happy for it to stay that way.

After endless nights out watching great bands play their hearts out to three pretentious, miserable fuckers in the corner of the room, through exceptionally dodgy PA's, it was decided that the time to act was right and the full Intromit concept was developed. After several months of visiting financial funding bodies and talking to brick walls, the money was "found" to start the ball rolling and a call for demo's went out.

While our main priority is as a record label, it was decided that the honest option was to aid bands in their individual career directions, offering support and artist development as well as band management. We deemed a close working relationship with the bands was vital to the Intromit concept.

Musically, it was felt that our aims for the sound of the label was anything innovative, lasting and invigorating with no particular genre, as we push bands individually. An unwise move say the market men, as you should define a target audience. In defence to this financial suicide, part of the Intromit concept is that good music is a wondrous life changing joy never the same for all, but for some and as we intend to have the greatest back catalogue in the world then some of you will, hopefully, agree with our choices.

For our live shows, we work with renowned stage managers and sound engineers, to care for our sound, and a good publicity machine has resulted in high attendance's to the Intromit nights and has seen bands fanbases move upwards. The ultimate goal of this is to take the musicians who we feel should be able to make their living as modern traveling minstrels and help them to achieve this. Whilst all the time pushing original and innovative music up the list of Nottinghams cultural attractions.

As a modern record label, we believe in a fair deal for all, in music over marketing, in technology for the people and in concepts over ideas, but most of all we believe in music without pretension.

Part 2

The point of Intromit has always been simple, get on with your own life and what may usually does. So bored witless by an ill fitting world and musical outpourings that make you think Helen Keller didn't have it too bad after all, the adventure had to start. An adventure to create a record label of massive self importance, of velocity and of life. Because when all else seems irrelevant it doesn't matter what you do. An adventure to track down musical genius and air it to anybody who will listen and without a grain of thought for those that don't. That is always our constant, to find the depths of a soul and its individual musical expression.

In doing so, we took a rush to the brink of mental functionality and to have a good look around seemed the best way to go when we discovered ourselves there. How fast the edge is approaching is best never seen, but to pull back too early should be capital offence. A crime against rationalisation; if you don't make it over the edge you can never rationally justify that you were right to stop when you did. And every now and then we remembered we were supposed to be a record label. All the other things were an accident. Honest, M'lud.

While others present mediocrity for the masses there has been the safety of neurotica for our friends. The timekeeping of creativity is never lazy, just "finishing things off" and while the bureaucrats demanded Icarus comes down right now and obtains his first level pilots licence, we were pouring ourselves a brandy.

And what did we find? We heard the sounds of wounded souls with nothing to lose, a scream from the rational in Bedlam. We heard beauty that bought tears of surrealism that formed crystal clear pools of self discovery. We witnessed legend and never missed the chance for nonsense. Oh! anecdote, dear anecdote. We heard heaven and saw hell and if we can keep it 50/50 then we're doing alright. We never strayed from the beaten track because we haven't fuckin' traveled it. We're not treading in your shit.

So what now, who now, where now and why? Who knows, who cares, and why worry?

And to re-iterate the future, as a modern record label, we believe in a fair deal for all, in music over marketing, in technology for the people and in concepts over ideas, but most of all we believe in music without pretension, just honest souls telling us what they know to be true.