If you have been waiting for a band with the power to take a corpse and fuck it back to life, then the wait is over. A band that realise that rock n' roll is a spirit not style. They'll rock with you, they'll fuck with you. One listen and you will know why arson and dance halls go together.
Fakers and frauds need not apply.

These are smoldering sex. Smoldering sex captured and squashed into a band shaped bottle. They greet you like an amphetimine fuelled pet would greet you and leave you like your watching the best night of your life walk out the door. They hit your base levels without effort and up your breaths per minute. A band you'll want to touch.
Lorna are a band that look to the beautiful for their music. They are the musical equivalent of a lazy Saturday afternoon in front of a warm fire, while the rain clatters on the window. No worries, no fears and nothing to do.
Classic songwriting comes easy to some. Fast causing a fuss, this four-piece are putting on the towns best show. Live, they are a powerhouse. In their debut, Livener have released an EP which should point them in the right direction towards popstardom. Ignorance can only be fatal.

Nothing is as dangerous as a man who believes his own words and nothing sounds as dangerous as a band who believe in what they are playing. It's rock with raw attitude littering crafted songs. Emotional depth powered by adrenaline makes for an explosive mix that can't be pressurised. Feel your breathe shortening.