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The new project

Put your head between your legs, stomach in, pull your chest up under your chin
An Intromit History

The missing year


Neither big nor clever, but cool for listening to all the Intromit artists as you surf the web. It will be up and running during November

Speed of Life -Part two.
An album so good we had to review it.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Intromit is back. Back on the web and back on your case. With a swish new website, more new music and some new projects.
We're still loyally commited to music that is bought to you by the real deals and some strangely long commitments to things we made up on the spot. So here's to all the players that have known there's whiskey in the giro and a big fuck you to all the bands who don't need a revolution in the summertime. Too bad, you've got one.

And the man at the back......
Here's one of the reasons for the stinking musical boredom being removed from our lives. THE LANTERNJACK album arrived in filthy, grimy wrapping with a contents that continued the trend. All the subsequent packages opened by customs probably wouldn't have helped ease the tension if played in the search rooms either. Uber-rockers and general upstarts living it how they want to.
Check them out in the bands section.

Here we are commited to finding a new way to bring you recorded music from fantastic artists in a way that sees a fair deal for all. For the first time in it's history, recorded music can be properly sampled in it's entirity before you buy it and even broken down into single songs for purchase. Gone are the days of singles with three re-mixes and a video that nobody watches, in are the times of more selective choice. Another new project of ours MP3 KILLED THE VIDEO STAR is based on this theory to bring you more new music and as always, only music we will swear by to the grave. It will be ready, as always, when it is ready.


And as always.......
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