7 Feb 2001 update from Intromit Recordings
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Shortwave head out on tour next week to support the official UK release of their debut EP. The "If it all ends" EP is released on the Feb 26th and features the tracks If it all ends, B-side, Skeleton and Wanker each

SHORTWAVE EP release and tour dates.

track powerfully recorded to capture that unique Shortwave spirit and shows just why they were voted one of the best three bands at In The City 2000 by Barfly.
Best described as "The Sex Pistols meets a booze sodden malfunctioning Kraftwerk" they
have already gained a massive reputation for their incredible live shows. This tour is looking like the most exciting show around especially if their success on the Circuit magazine tour at the end of last year and a recent show with Laptop are anything to go by. You can check out an interview and live footage recorded for the Barfly Sessions from their page on the Intromit website (realplayer). The tour dates are;

Sat 10th Feb
Mon 12th Feb
Thu 15th Feb
Fri 16th Feb
Sat 17th Feb
White Horse
Bullingdon Arms
The Club with No Name The Forum
High Wycombe
Tunbridge Wells

Lorna also have their debut EP released on Feb 26th. "The never grow old" EP is the culmination of Lorna's experimentation with Internet recording. Incorporating the spellbinding voice of Sharon Cohen (recorded from the Gaza Strip) and the lap steel of

EP release and gig

Corey Cunningham (recorded from California) the EP is testimony to how distance is now no obstacle for the musician.
Featuring the tracks We will never grow old, Punxsutawney Song, Summer Song and When we used to stay awake all night the EP is the start of a musical journey from a band you will be hearing a lot more about. Recent support gigs with Six by Seven and Echoboy have seen the fledgling live band transformed into something altogether more powerful making their next date unmissable.
Sat 17th Feb
With Shortwave, Silverman and The Suffrajets

If a walk to the local record store is now out of your Saturday rituals then poor you, get a life. But we've spared a thought for you and you can now order the Intromit catalogue on-line from Left Legged Pineapple, a fine independent music store. Just
follow the instructions and you will have your brand spanking new CD delivered to your door.

The new way
Intromit has teamed up with music33.com to make the individual music files available for download over the Internet. The site is the brainchild of former Factory Records boss Tony Wilson and pals and offers songs for sale at 33p each. It is a radical development in the digital download style sites due to it offering the most convenient method for payment of songs yet and seeing a majority return to the artists.
You start by opening an e-account with them and pay in a small sum (currently £10 but they are in talks with the bank to bring this down to £5). You then download the songs you desire and 33p is deducted from your account. By being selective, but broad minded in it's intake
it should see an end to your troubles of trawling through musical shit to find the real gems available in digital format.


We are always on the look out for exciting new bands so if you feel your band has something to offer the future then send us your demo

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As the musical state of the nation declines once more the thought must be - all those acoustic guitars and not one protest singer. We are the antidote - join us.

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