19th March 2001 update from Intromit Recordings
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Good-day to you all. We'll start with an official welcome for Skinny Sumo onto Intromit. A live drum and bass outfit with lashings of hip-hop and masses of attitude plus a manic drummer called Sharkboy. What more could you want? Completing the line up are three MC's, Ted B, Mike B and Derek B plus DJ Strike and bassman Paul, all combining to produce a deliciously original mix of sounds and styles.

Intromit welcomes SKINNY SUMO with Internet release

And they've not gone unnoticed. After Winning Rock City's talent 2000 competition they now find themselves in the National Student Music Awards final. We introduce them to you with an Internet only release while plans are made for a full release later in the year. Check them out on the website now before you find your mates telling you about them.

gig dates

After the success of the last Monday's gig at Rock City with Grand Theft Audio, Shortwave have a few dates lined up for this week in support of their "If It All Ends" EP. Finishing up at the Barfly supporting The Picadiloes on Friday 23rd March. So if you haven't already, come down and check out the band Kerrang recently reviewed as "cooler and far messier" than PiL, Gang of Four and the Fall. Hard to believe? Well make your way across and make your own decisions, just don't not have an opinion.
Wed 21st Mar
Thu 22nd Mar
Fri 23rd Mar
Dry Bar
The Club with No Name

The release date for both Shortwave's "If it all ends" EP and Lorna's "We will never grow old" EP is now set for Monday 19th March. All apologies for the delay (Parcel Force losing our delivery!) and to the people screaming at us for details on where
SHORTWAVE and LORNA EP release date
to get hold of them, you can stop now, but thanks for caring.
They will be available in all good record shops and if they aren't, ask! You can now order the CD's from any store by telling them they are available
from Prime Distributions Indie Department. To find out if the CD is available in your area e-mail Prime Distribution .

On-line orders
You can order Intromit CD's or buy individual tracks as MP3 files on-line. CD's are available from Left Legged Pineapple (a fabulous indie shop) and MP3 files are available from Music33.com or Vitaminic. All are highly secure sites and worth the visit alone as you never know.
what little gems you'll find lurking.


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