(Fair and Firkin, August 5th)

Cheers to all you folk who made it to the singles launch gig, especially to Ingrid who flew in from Amsterdam to catch the delights of Lorna.. Hope you all had a good night. It certainly seemed like it. Thanks for all the feedback and warm response, always appreciated.

The Herbirds performed a fantastic set with Tee and Catty wooing everybody with their voices from heaven and Simon, inventing the new performer genre of "bass hero" without playing heavy funk! Face rocked all our socks off with a heavy(ish) set that mixed the atmospherics with the powerful.

Shortwave were well er... Shortwave. Introduced by a raving lunatic with tales of "robbin' an' stealin'" till Lance found the DAT player and Steve figured "good ideas aren't always that great" and launched into B-side. A set of the usual rawness mixed with sarcastic disillusionment, manic egomania and seriously sexy struts saw them burning holes in eardrums and PK burning holes in young boys retinas. Awesome, with one liners flying e.g. [Steve on Lance] "I mean look at him, would you trust this man with your rhythm section!" Shortwave out burn any live band in the country at the moment.

Then finally Lorna. Playing songs from their forthcoming album "I saw you shaking in the light" they started to lift the roof. Perfect performances saw the band on a massive high as everything went right the set built up and and as the killer riff of "we will never grow old" struck in, the audience took off. Finishing on "Disco Blues" was hard work, nobody wanted it to end. The band lifted and we rose with them. The run through of "96" saw guitarist Chris getting his legs stroked by an adoring fan (er..lets not name names but he's the Shortwave drummer; when he's actually behind his kit) and Mark comparing sample man Gary to Egon Spengler.

Overall, fantastic and thanks to you all for your support and hope to see you soon