Songs of lost innocence and wonderful loves reign in Lorna's world. A world where anything is possible and your dreams are only an arms length away. Lorna can make you believe there is magic in the world. They hit a common link in all of us, then translate that into some of the most wondrous acoustical outpourings heard for a long while.

Their early work hints at Low and the Red House Painters but Mark's growing mastery of studio techniques has allowed them to move in a more sonic direction with leanings towards Slowdive and Mercury Rev but never straying far from the nostalgic lyrical beauty of Neil Young.

Their debut official release "the never grow old" EP was released on Intromit in August and features a collection of four wonderfully crafted songs. From the glorious "we will never grow old" to the devastatingly beautiful "When we used to stay awake all night".

The whole EP was put together while Mark was experimenting in live recording over the Internet. Featuring the vocal talents of Sharon Cohen (recorded from Israel) and with the lap steel of Corey Cunningham (recorded from California) the tracks have an extra special delicacy about them.

The album "I saw you shaking in the light" will be out in October and shows their full orchestration of, and transformation into, a six piece live band.

Listen, learn and love Lorna. They record timeless tracks, not music for music's sake, not music for the marketing men's sakes, but for the sheer joy music can bring to your life.

Vocals: Mark R
Chris Moore Bass: Andy Bullock
Drums: Lee Burdus

Trumpet: Hilmar Hauer Viola and Tenor Sax: Helen Maltby

Sharon Cohen, Joss Worthington, Corey Cunningham,
Jorge Martinez