Livener make the sort of music that lifts you, good time music. The kind of music that makes a good summer better.
With their pop sentiments they let the melody in and with their guitar leanings they let the hooks flow. But it's in the sentiment of songs like "long lost" where they really start to shine.

The debut EP puts them somewhere near The Auteurs (with the elegance of "long lost") but their powerful live performances see's them in a more edgy, darker territory that they are making their own.

The musicianship within Livener is immense and natural. Dave's drumming is for the shear enjoyment of drumming, Ross' guitar is beautifully melodic. Guitar breaks without the rock stigma attatched. Martin's bass is solid and grooving even venturing into dub, while Ian's voice is powerful yet still remaining delicate enough to change the direction of the song.

Their live shows capture a good time feeling that can lift the night air and draw you in. When the bands enjoying themselves it's hard not to follow suit.

Their take on the classy pop tune has seen them support the Lightening Seeds, Urban Species and Northern Uproar, they are now looking to the limelight for themselves.

Vocals : Ian Humphries
Lead Guitar : Ross Crowcroft
Bass : Martin Swarbrick
Drums : Dave Tungate