The Lanternjack are the spirit of rock n roll fronted by a man who is never anything less than Johnny Flash. Only the weak need heroes. Musically they are raw. Live it's Metallic KO and recorded its The Birthday Party kicking fuck out of Monster Magnet for the last can of beer.

Johnny Flash is a front man with the charisma to draw you down the alley, backed by a band that will jump you before you've had time to figure what you're doing in this part of town anyway.

The Lanternjack polarise opinion. So what? You can't please everybody, and you can put your trust in them that they really aren't going to try. They're having too much fun.

The Lanternjack are a band who know that sometimes it's more fun to cut the brake cable. It started quickly, with some vicious live performances (playing 4 or 5 one minute songs then swiftly getting the fuck out of there) and one album "Little Beast". The band developed, as did the sound and by missing out all the humorous anecdotes this brings you to their second album "Hussy". A monster of an album, released last year around their hometown of Detroit. Word soon spread and saw The Lanternjack gather popularity and despise in equal measures.

Made up of 4 equally overflowing measures in Johnny Flash (vocals), Larry Lava (Bass), Luke Wood (Guitar) and The Holy Goat (Drums), The Lanternjack will be out of town with your heart while your hungover head try's to piece together the witness statement.

The Lanternjack have no map but more than enough fuel for the distance. So consider yourself warned, they aren't just coming to town, they are coming to town for you.

Vocals: Johnny Flash
Guitars: Luke Wood
Bass: Larry Lava
Drums: The Holy Goat