Taking adrenaline just before bedtime is not recommended, and it follows BUK are not to be sampled this way either. This is music at its most abandoned. From high to heartbreak through un-chartered territory, BUK link your heart to your ears by joining disillusionment with dynamic joy. The vocals are soaring, lyrically poetic and lasting, while the guitars throw old school string sounds into the gutter and lets nature wash them away. The bass rumbles and the back beat burns, all making for the unique BUK sound. All delivered with just the right amount of cynicism to make honesty an integral part of musicianship again.

Hailing from Stockholm, BUK have delivered a debut album "A kiss on the run" that hits a nerve. Raw, brash and abrasive without ever replacing the human emotions at it epicentre. Each song is a carefully crafted single with choruses that cross boundaries. In addition, there is also a wealth of quality recorded songs which do not quite fit on the album.
BUK have been working with Intromit management for over a year and now feel the time is right to make their impact on the music scene.

The band has grown (since its conception as a project for vocalist Henrik and drummer Christer in 2001) into a fully fledged touring operation. BUK take the stage with confidence in their music and delivery. They are a band that love to put on a live show and deliver they do. Falling into category "Rock" is something that BUK won't argue with but it is delivered with a freshness that sees it pushing the genres limits.

BUK are a band with their own future in their own space. They are a band that want to take their place in rocks lineage. Will they? Only time will tell, but right now they are sounding like it is a distinct possibility.